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The EdTech Startup Show

May 28, 2020

On this episode of The EdTech Startup Show podcast, you’ll hear 10 one-minute pitches from 10 different companies.

As you’re listening, I encourage you to listen for ideas that you find fascinating or useful for yourself or for somebody in your life.

I encourage you to explore the websites of these EdTech startups and reach out to them if you’d like to talk more.

The 10 EdTech Startups You’ll Hear

ClassHook – Easily find educational videos from TV shows and movies to use in your lessons.

SpeakAgent – Combine your STEM curriculum with the language needed to master it.

Chef Koochooloo – STEAM education with Cooking.

CR Score – A college counselor in your pocket.

Product Value Solutions – K12 Educational Research and Technology Consulting

Machitia – The education for liberation platform.

Biochemistry Literacy for Kids – Unlocking the true potential of young learners.

Class Composer – an online tool to help elementary schools make better student placement decisions.

Transizion – “Conquer college admissions with our help.”

Knowledge Avatars – Teach and Learn Intelligently

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