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The EdTech Startup Show

Apr 10, 2019

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Clarence Tan understands the connection between fun and learning

Clarence Tan is an EdTech entrepreneur who has been working in games and the e-learning industry for over 8 years. He grew up in China, Singapore, and the US, and has experienced private, public and homeschool education.

He started his entrepreneurial journey back in 2011. While he was still a junior in college he worked with friends he met online to develop educational games and learning platforms for government municipalities in Colombia and South America. Additionally, he partnered with companies in North America to launch educational entertainment projects.

Since then, he has been championing the positive impact of student engagement using educational gamification through his ventures and speaking engagements. He has the heart and mind of a creative and has always been fascinated by games and creative projects.

Clarence is currently the Co-Founder & CEO at Boddle Learning, an EdTech company founded in 2018. Boddle Learning offers a game-based learning platform that delivers e-learning materials to K-8 students in game-format to engage and motivate them in academics.

The game app also comes with a management platform that generates analytics & reports for teachers and parents to stay in the loop. Boddle is designed to use gamification to help elementary and middle schools benefit from higher student engagement and automated reporting.

Episode highlights - Gamification in education

  • Why games can help teachers assess students better (this is something I had not considered before)
  • Just add points is not gamification - Clarence explains a better definition
  • The role of "unnecessary steps" in making learning fun
  • Clarence addresses the argument that game play doesn't lead to learning
  • The moment in South America that set Clarence on a path to building educational games
  • Make this mistake Clarence made in the past and your education venture will really struggle. Clarence explains what to do instead.
  • Piloting your EdTech product in schools - Clarence has done this and he shares his lessons learned
  • Clarence gives advice to education entrepreneurs just starting out
  • Before we go...Clarence explains what Boddle means

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