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The EdTech Startup Show

Dec 15, 2019

Today's guest on the EdTech Startup Show is Jennifer Larson, CEO of Hive Digital Minds & Creator of SchoolBzz. If you enjoyed this episode please leave a rating for the show on iTunes, review the show, and share it. 

Click here to read the full original article about my conversation with Jennifer, featuring quotes from the podcast.

SchoolBzz is a cloud-based communications platform that streamlines how schools share information with families, giving parents and guardians the opportunity to engage in all aspects of their child’s education. The SchoolBzz team is comprised of parents, educators and communications experts who have spent years studying parents’ experiences with school communications and built the platform to address their real and pressing needs. This easy-to-use tool has been successfully piloted in schools across the U.S., helping to simplify communications, increase buy-in for initiatives, and foster a thriving school culture. To learn more, visit or call 800-213-8915.  
Hive Digital Minds provides communication solutions for the K-12 industry helping school and district leaders more effectively reach, connect and engage their key stakeholders. The Hive team created its flagship solution, SchoolBzz, to address the challenge many parents face in staying connected and knowing how to actively support their child’s learning journey. Hive Digital Minds is a member of the Amazon Web Services EdStart Accelerator and was selected as a Top Startup to Watch in 2019 by Built in Colorado. Learn more at